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Household Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia.

Household Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia.

Before After
Household Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia. Household Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia.

Boxes and bagged items as well as plastic storage bins removed from this basement in Decatur, Georgia. 

Garage Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia.

Garage Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia.

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Garage Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia. Garage Junk Removal in Decatur, Georgia.

Junk Pile in the garage of this home in Decatur, Georgia that we removed for this customer. 

Concrete fountain removal in Decatur, Georgia

Concrete fountain removal in Decatur, Georgia

Before After
Concrete fountain removal in Decatur, Georgia Concrete fountain removal in Decatur, Georgia

Concrete fountain in the backyard of this home in Decatur, Georgia. 

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Job Stories From Dekalb County, GA
King Size Headboard Removed in Tucker, GA

Natalece was looking to have a broken king sized headboard removed from her property in Tucker. Natalece turned to the internet for help which is where she came across The Junkluggers. The Junkluggers wee able to come out and successfully remove this item for Natalece. The Junkluggers work to dispose of items in an eco-friendly way making sure to avoid landfills.  

Full Size Mattress Decatur, GA

Marti was looking to declutter a full-size mattress from his home in Decatur. While Martin was in search for a company, he came across The Junkluggers bright green truck. By Martin reaching out to The Junkluggers it provided us with the chance to come out and successfully remove the mattress for him.

Construction Debris Removed in Decatur, GA

Diane works for a general contracting company that mainly focuses on renovating residential properties. She has found that using The Junkluggers to remove the unwanted construction debris left after the renovations has been both convenient and stress-free. 

Armoire Removal in Avondale Estates

Jeremy was looking to have an armoire removed from his home in Avondale Estates, Georgia. We called around to different donation centers but none of them would come to take his wooden armoire. He called The Junkluggers and we were able to help rid him of the big piece of furniture. 

Apartment Junk Removal in Decatur, GA

The Junkluggers of North Atlanta received a request for junk removal in Decatur, GA. Ilana, a homeowner in Decatur, received a free estimate and eco-friendly junk removal for one queen been mattress metal frame, one loveseat, and one bench. These items were waiting for our Luggers to clear out the curbside efficiently.

Decatur, GA Pre-Move Junk Removal

Bill from Decatur, Georgia, hired The Junkluggers of North Atlanta to remove a few items before moving. Our Luggers efficiently removed electronics, toys, old camping gear, clothing, and miscellaneous household items. The Junkluggers offer both eco-friendly disposal, donations, and free estimates. 

Furniture Removal in Clarkston, Georgia

Asmeret needed help decluttering their home in Clarkston, Georgia. Our Luggers arrived and removed mattresses,  a full couch, some chairs, a couple of tables, and a few bed metals. After our Luggers completed the job Asmeret now had more space in their home! 


Piano Removal in Clarkston, Georgia

Jay and his family had an upright piano in their Clarkston home for years. They loved this piano but It had not been used for years and was taking up some much-needed space. Jay called The Junkluggers because it was time for him to part ways with the piano. We were able to come out to his location and assess the removal and gave Jay a quote. The price was right, so our Luggers got to work right then and there! Using a rubber wheeled dolly our team carefully moved the piano out of the home and onto our truck!  Jay was pleased with the work and happy to have the corner in his home back to put a new piece of furniture! 

Junk Removal in Clarkston, Georgia

Janet had a New Years' resolution to declutter her home in Clarkston, Georgia. Out with the old and in with the new! This decluttering project mostly focused on clearing space in the basement of the home. Our team removed two truckloads of items that included, furniture, electronics, boxes of miscellaneous household items, an old washer and dryer, and some leftover construction material from a previous owner of the home! Now that the basement is clear, Janet has more space for whatever she pleases! 

Junk removal in Scottdale, Georgia.

Our client in Scottdale, Georgia needed some help hauling off some unwanted items for a decluttering project. They had; 2 mattresses bed railing, a few bags of garbage, and other small miscellaneous household items that had been taking up space and cluttering their home. Our client called and set up an appointment and our team was able to meet her the next day to complete the job. Our client was excited and pleased to have all the items out of their home so they could start being more organized! It's amazing what a little decluttering can do for you!  

Furniture Removal in Scottdale, Georgia

Brian lives in Scottdale, Georgia. He was getting a new living room set of furniture that included a 3 seater couch and loveseat that was being delivered on a Tuesday. Brian wanted to keep his old living room furniture (a ripped-up 3 seater couch and oversized armchair) for as long as he could until the new furniture arrived so as not to be out of a place to sit in his living room. Brian scheduled an appointment for us to come by the Monday before the furniture arrived. Our luggers arrived during the scheduled time window and gave Brian a price assured quote that he agreed upon. Our team proceeded with the job and carefully removed the items out of the living room and out of the house. The team then loaded up the items and we were on our way! Unfortunately we were unable to donate the couch as it was damaged but we were able to drop off the armchair to a local donation center and got Brian a tax-deductible receipt! 

Swing set removal in Scottdale, Georgia.

Susan lives in Scottdale, Georgia, and was in need of having an old playset broken down and removed from out of their backyard. This swing set had been used by her children when they were young but now the kids were teenagers and the swingset had not been used in years. Plus the wood was rotting and was not safe to be used by anyone. The Junkluggers were able to carefully break down the play structure and carry the pieces one by one across the backyard and to our truck which was parked on the front curb. It took our team about an hour to complete the job and now Susan and her family have free space in their yard for whatever they please! 

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