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North Atlanta hot tub, jacuzzi, & spa removal

No longer using your hot tub? The Junkluggers of North Atlanta can help remove old hot tubs, jacuzzis, and other yard waste from your property with our hot tub removal services. Our friendly and professional team is a great alternative to attempting hot tub removal on your own, plus we offer an eco-friendly approach to all of our junk removal projects.

When you choose The Junkluggers of North Atlanta, you're not responsible for dismantling or cutting up your hot tub for removal. Let us take care of it all. Get in touch with The Junkluggers of North Atlanta for a hot tub removal estimate, and appreciate the added lawn space and less waste, today!

The Junkluggers of North Atlanta's hot tub removal process

Get in touch or read below for the best steps to prepare for your hot tub removal in North Atlanta.

    1. Schedule your free hot tub removal estimate: Give The Junkluggers of North Atlanta a call to schedule your estimate! We offer convenient same and next-day appointments, can help answer any questions you have about your specific hot tub, and guide you through disconnecting and draining it.
    2. Power off your hot tub: Not sure how to disconnect a hot tub? No worries! First, you'll want to turn it off manually. Next, find your hot tub's circuit breaker on your main electrical panel. Make sure this breaker is labeled clearly and safely shut to the OFF position.
    3. Drain & disconnect your hot tub: First, find the drainage spigot on your hot tub and firmly fit your garden hose to attach. Note that some tubs may have their own drainage hose, so you won't need to attach another. There are also tools available to purchase that will help you drain your hot tub, like a pump or vacuum. Hot tubs are best emptied when your drainage hose is running downhill, so position yourself accordingly.
      Drain and discard water where it makes sense for your landscaping. Since you won't be using your hot tub anymore, you can cut the electrical and plumbing lines after the breaker is set to the OFF position. This will permanently disconnect your hot tub from power and electrical. Sometimes there are puddles left and that's okay, but as much water as possible needs to be drained for The Junkluggers to quickly and efficiently remove your hot tub.
    4. We dismantle your hot tub: Let The Junkluggers of North Atlanta take it from here! We disassemble your hot tub piece by piece, safely separating out the parts that can be recycled or sustainably disposed of. Don't attempt hot tub dismantling on your own- trust the experts at The Junkluggers of North Atlanta and save time, effort, and a costly trip to the dump.
    5. We remove your hot tub in Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, & nearby: After we disassemble your spa, jacuzzi, or hot tub, we pack the piping, insulation, pumps, lining, and everything else in our truck. The Junkluggers of North Atlanta is committed to keeping 100% of reusable junk out of landfills by 2025, so you can trust your items won't end up in a local landfill.
    6. Enjoy your additional outdoor space: Now that you finally said goodbye to your hot tub, enjoy the added square footage on your property! Create another seating area on your patio, start a sustainable garden, or keep it clear for even more outdoor fun.

Get a FREE hot tub removal estimate in Alpharetta

The Junkluggers of North Atlanta is happy to help with your hot tub removal in Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Atlanta, Gainesville, Suwanee, Duluth, Cumming, Canton, Decatur, and other local cities. We handle it all, from the dismantling and removing, to hauling it all away. Get in touch to book your free estimate today! Thanks for choosing The Junkluggers, the leaders in sustainable junk removal.


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